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Suede in studio, “powerful” new LP en route

By | Published on Wednesday 12 September 2012


Having sort-of reformed Suede in 2010, Brett Anderson has shared the revelation that the band have, after various will-theywon’t-they comments on the matter, finally begun making a brand new album. Apparently, Anderson et al have been doing “on and off” studio sessions with producer Ed Buller, who also supervised Suede’s first three (and, many would argue, best) LPs.

Anderson says to The Quietus: “Any album is brutally hard, and this one has been pretty hard. The first couple of months were us trying to get on the same wavelength, is this working, trying to develop the sound we wanted. A lot of the writing process for me is throwing stuff away, because you’re finding out what you want to do. There was a lot of that, and we discarded quite a few songs. Early this year we started hitting on the sort of songs that we were aiming to write, and it’s sounding really good now”.

Asked to characterise said sound, he answers: “Without wishing to be facetious, it sounds like Suede. We’re not trying to reinvent the sound of the band, that’d be a disastrous thing to do. I think that’s possibly where we went wrong on the last two albums, we didn’t know where to go with the sound so we were looking for another direction, with mixed results. With this it’s about great songs, it’s about great guitar hooks, it’s about a very powerful band sound. So it sounds like Suede. I think you’ll like it. Don’t worry, it doesn’t sound anything like the last album”.