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Suede taking reunion “one day at a time”

By | Published on Wednesday 8 December 2010

Suede frontman Brett Anderson has said that the band will consider what future they may have together later this week. Last night the band played a show at London’s O2 Arena, which the singer described as “crazy, vain, [and] glorious”, following a series of low-key shows in smaller venues.

Speaking to the NME ahead of the show, Anderson said: “We’re playing our cards close to our chests so we’ll just see how it goes and how we feel after. The whole mantra with this tour has been to keep it special and to take it one day at a time. So a couple of days after the O2 show we’ll sit down and decide what we want to do next year, if anything”.

He continued: “If tonight goes really well, I definitely think we’ll rethink things but you can’t predict that just because it’s a bigger place and a bigger venue. We might not enjoy it as much, I don’t know. Festivals, again, wait and see what happens. If an offer comes up we’ll think about it but at this stage we’re not sure. As for new material, I’m not counting it out but I can’t say there’s any big plans to do a load of new stuff”.

Finally, he said: “What I will say is we’re all getting on in Suede and we’re enjoying each other’s company so I’m not ruling out the possibility of making another Suede record at some point”.