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Syco’s DJ talent search telly show back on the cards

By | Published on Wednesday 30 April 2014

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell’s DJ talent show is back! Who’s excited? Well, Robert Sillerman is, because his SFX company has partnered with Cowell’s Syco Entertainment and T-Mobile to make it happen.

Back in 2012, Syco and the production company owned by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, Overbook Entertainment, ditched plans to produce a televised DJ contest. Mainly, according to reports at the time, because Cowell and the Smiths couldn’t agree on who should get top billing in the show’s credits.

But they say great ideas never die, and this idea hasn’t died either. It even has a name now: ‘Ultimate DJ’. And SFX does seem like a pretty good match for such a show, it having bought up half of the world’s electronic music – or EMC (Electronic Music Culture), as Sillerman still insists on saying – events and companies.

Says Sillerman: “Bringing EMC [see?] to the world is our goal. And building a TV franchise in the USA is a key part of that strategy. It’s always exciting to work with Simon Cowell, and the creative power of the Syco organisation is undisputed”.

That’s right, no one has ever disputed Syco’s creativity. Anyway, Simon Cowell added: “We have been developing this concept for a while but our partnership with SFX has been a real game changer for this format. It made complete sense for us to collaborate with SFX with their access to the best up-and-coming DJs and their great marketing platform to build new DJ talent”.

And where does T-Mobile come in? Well, it’s going to push some sort of content to its users. CEO John Legere was too busy squeezing buzzwords into his quote to actually explain what his company’s involvement will be: “In the same way we’re revolutionising wireless to empower customers everywhere, we look forward to working with Syco and SFX to showcase and promote a fresh, new generation of DJ/producer talent. Our customers spend a lot of time listening to music on their devices, so you can expect us to take on entertainment and music in our typical bold and aggressive, un-carrier style”.

So, that’s all fun and exciting, isn’t it? Here’s the sort of thing you can look forward to when the show finally hits our screens: