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T In The Park 2018 “not looking likely”

By | Published on Friday 14 July 2017

T In The Park

Those of you looking forward to T In The Park’s triumphant return next year – after its 2017 hiatus – may want to lower your expectations a bit. Lower. Bit lower. And again. OK, good, because it’s “not looking likely” that it’ll happen.

As previously reported, Live Nation allied DF Concerts confirmed in November that T In The Park would be taking a year off in 2017, after two troubled editions following a move to a new site at Strathallan Castle. An alternative, non-camping event, TRNSMT, took place in Glasgow last week, on the weekend T would normally take place.

Speaking to the BBC, DF boss Geoff Ellis said: “We’ve not formulated any decisions on the future of T In The Park – it’s still too early. We want to focus on TRNSMT, the Glasgow Summer Sessions and all the other concerts we’ve got. As soon as we are ready to make decisions and let people know about the future, we’ll tell people. The planning constraints are just so complex and costly at Strathallan that we’re just not in a position to say yes we’ll continue”.

Despite saying that T2018 is “not looking likely”, he added that he felt that T In The Park – at least another camping festival – would return in the future. However, its focus would probably shift to an older audience.

“I’ve always said a major camping festival and something like TRNSMT can co-exist and they definitely can because they are two different types of event”, Ellis said. “There are two different needs in the market. There are definitely two tribes now – there’s people who like guitar music and people who like EDM music among the under 25s. So when we come back with a camping event it probably won’t feature EDM and it’ll probably be pitched at an older market”.