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TalkTalk renew ‘X-Factor’ sponsorship

By | Published on Wednesday 12 May 2010

Internet service provider TalkTalk might not want to police piracy on behalf of the record industry, but they are willing to bank roll the TV franchise that is propping up one of it’s major players.

The internet service provider has renewed its sponsorship of ‘The X-Factor’ for another three years in a deal said to be worth £20 million. It was TalkTalk’s former parent company, Carphone Warehouse, that originally sponsored the Cowell franchise, before the company decided to associate its ISP brand with the pop talent show instead. TalkTalk has since been spun off as a separate company from the electronics retailer. The new deal covers sponsorship of the TV show, an online clips service, and the resulting tour.

So, TalkTalk, planning to fight the three-strikes system in court while at the same time funding ‘The X-Factor’. For some in the grass roots music community that probably amounts to being fucked from both sides.