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TaP Music announces it has a (secret) shortlist for the UK’s Eurovision entry

By | Published on Tuesday 25 January 2022

Eurovision Song Contest

TaP Music has announced that it has drawn up a shortlist of acts vying to represent the UK at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The artist management firm is staying tight lipped about who is on that list, but says that it features both new and established acts.

It was announced in October that TaP Music would take over the Eurovision song selection job for the UK, after BMG made a right pig’s ear of it and got us sent home with not one, not two, but absolutely fuck all points.

“We’re getting really close to making our final decision, we have lots of options and have been pleasantly surprised by how many wonderful artists, both new and more established, want to be part of this process with us”, says TaP co-founder Ben Mawson.

“Like us, they recognise that Eurovision is the biggest music TV opportunity in the world. It’s a tough decision with so many strong contenders, many with existing European fanbases, which is exciting. When we decide on the act, we will put an incredible team around the chosen act and look forward to sharing news shortly”.

Confirming that he and his colleagues are employing slightly different criteria in finding a Eurovision entrant, Mawson adds: “It’s been fantastic to work so closely with the BBC on this project so far, in particular Radio 1 and Scott Mills – who’s offered incredible insight and has been a major part of the team”.

“Radio 1 – the voice of youth culture – is vital to the Eurovision audience which, as we know, is skewing younger every year”, he adds. “It’s really important to us that this year’s Eurovision has the feel good factor, we want everyone to get behind the act, enjoy the show and hopefully celebrate a great UK performance on the night”.

TaP’s other co-founder, Ed Millett, says: “The challenge has been finding a talent that has both an incredible voice – because live vocals to 200 million people is no easy feat – as well as having incredible stage presence and an unforgettable song – it is the Song Contest after all. The reason we want to do this, whether our act tops the leader board or not, is to do something special on stage that the UK can be proud of”.

The company is not bad at selecting top pop acts to work with, of course, counting the likes of Dua Lipa, Lana Del Rey and Leigh-Anne Pinnock among its roster of management clients. Are they on the shortlist? Probably not.

In a statement last year welcoming TaP’s involvement in finding a UK Eurovision entrant, Dua Lipa heavily implied that she would not be willing to take part. And now both Pinnock and Del Rey have got in on that too.

“I love the fact that my managers are involved in finding this year’s act to represent the UK”, says Pinnock. “I know they will choose an act that will make the UK proud. European fans have always given Little Mix so much love, so I’m calling on all mixers to get behind the UK at Eurovision this year!”

Del Rey adds: “Ben and Ed have always liked a challenge, proud of them for taking this on and I’ll be wishing them and the UK the best of luck on the night. The UK was my home in the early days of meeting Ben and Ed so [I] have a special affinity”.

There’s no word on when the final act will be announced, so this really is just confirmation that they’re getting on with the job and that Dua Lipa, Lana Del Rey and Leigh-Anne Pinnock have no interest in taking part.

Who will it be though? I hope it’s someone good. Imagine if we sent a good song by a good performer to Eurovision. It would certainly be an interesting shift in strategy for the UK.