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TaP Music launches new not-for-profit division to support educational and diversity initiatives

By | Published on Tuesday 29 September 2020

TaP Futures

Management firm TaP Music has announced the launch of a new not-for-profit side to the business called TaP Futures which, it says, will “encompass all of our fundraising, grant-making and youth programme activities moving forwards”.

Seeking to enable more young people, especially from underprivileged and underrepresented communities, to pursue a career in music, the new initiative will “initially fund specialist partners to offer a series of music industry workshops and after-school programmes focused on performance, production and music management, targeting some of the most deprived boroughs in London”.

Long-term, the initiative also seeks to support programmes that enable more diversity in the wider creative and sporting industries.

The first two beneficiaries of TaP Futures will be a project led by rapper Nines to redevelop the Church End & Roundwood Unity Centre in North West London, and Saint Gabriel’s College in Lambeth, which is looking to expand its music programmes.

Says TaP Music founder Ed Millett: “The music business and many of the creative industries suffer from a lack of diversity. These often-opaque industries still favour the privileged, and those with existing contacts or money are most likely to succeed. The launch of the TaP Futures is the first step in a long commitment from us to help accelerate change both in our own internal policies and also at a grassroots level”.

Co-founder Ben Mawson adds: “We are really excited to launch TaP Futures with two very different but equally important partners. We know how important it is to inspire young people while they are still imagining what their future might look like and that is as important in school as it is in a community environment. Establishing TaP Futures also ensures we can continue to build on our commitment to support our incredible artists and their vision for change – they have already achieved so much working for a range of charities and causes – we’re excited to build on this moving forwards”.