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Taylor Swift sued over Swift Life app

By | Published on Tuesday 24 July 2018

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has been sued over the appy thing she launched last year, which is called The Swift Life. New York computer services company SwiftLife says that she and app maker Glu have infringed its trademark.

The company says that it has operated since the early 2000s and obtained its trademark in 2007. Among various services, it offers an online life management software called SwiftLife, through which it has received numerous pieces of communication from confused Taylor Swift fans. It also says that Swift’s app has pushed it down the Google search rankings for its own name, and as a result has caused a fall in its revenues.

“In filing this action, SwiftLife, whose business pales in comparison to that of Ms Swift and Glu, is standing up for itself”, says the legal filing. “And much like Ms Swift in her fights against the bullies she has encountered in her own life – seeks to enforce its rights in and to the SwiftLife trademark against Ms Swift and Glu, both of whom are financial giants”.

It also notes that Swift and Glu would be more than able to pay for a licence, but did not at any point contact SwiftLife to request one. The lawsuit then notes in some details the lengths to which Swift goes to in order to protect her own trademarks, making it unlikely that she would be unaware of the need to gain permission to use the name.

“There can be no doubt that Swift and Glu fully understand that marketing and selling another’s goods without securing a license or permission is not acceptable and cannot be allowed”, it says.

SwiftLife is seeking court confirmation that its trademark has been infringed and an injunction blocking Swift and her associates from using the name further. As part of that injunction, it also wants users of The Swift Life to be informed of the judgement. In terms of financial reparation, SwiftLife requests all profits from the pop star’s app, damages, and payment of its legal costs. The company is requesting a jury trial.

Swift and Glu have not yet responded to the legal action. However, she and two of her companies, plus two Glu companies, have been issued with a summons.