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Ted Cruz will drink all your beer, claims Trent Reznor

By | Published on Thursday 29 November 2018

Trent Reznor

If you invite Texas senator Ted Cruz backstage at your show, he will drink your rider dry. So claims Trent Reznor.

Running a quick poll of the audience’s political affiliations at a show in Orving, Texas earlier this week, Reznor asked: “Who voted for Ted Cruz? See the lights aren’t on, I can’t see. Is there any way to turn the lights on? I’d like to see. Come on, raise your hand, you guys, nothing to be ashamed of, just checking”.

“He might be here tonight”, he went on. “He was bugging to get on the guest list and I told him to fuck off”.

Fuck off because of his pro-life stance? Or his support for the relaxation of gun control laws? Or his denial of climate change science? No, he’s just generally not much fun to spend time with.

“We put him on [the guest list] a few years ago”, said Reznor. “He drank all the beer, and was just a pain in the ass to be around”.

Cruz has not confirmed if Reznor’s story is true, or if he ended up buying a ticket for the show he was denied free access to. It’s possible he was too hungover to attend.