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Ted Nugent backs Joe Rogan and Spotify against Neil Young

By | Published on Monday 14 February 2022


As if things weren’t bad enough for the people working at Spotify following all the recent controversies around the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, now they’ve got Ted Nugent coming to their defence – and via the daily podcast he records for the pro-hunting lobby group he advises and represents. Lovely stuff.

On Friday night’s edition of the ‘The Nightly Nuge’ podcast, Nugent’s co-host Keith Mark brought up how that Canadian Neil Young is again talking politics in the USA, before musing how a musician that has in the past spoken up for free speech is now pro-censorship.

Which isn’t true, of course, but it was Young who instigated the artist boycott of Spotify over the COVID misinformation contained in Rogan’s Spotify exclusive podcast.

Young and other artists who have spoken out about the controversial COVID conversations that have occurred on Rogan’s programme insist that they are not calling for censorship.

However, they argue, platforms like Spotify have a responsibility to counter misleading information that could negatively impact on people’s health, and they’d rather not be associated with any platforms that aren’t fulfilling that responsibility.

Asked what he makes of Young and his Spotify boycott, Nugent initially said some nice things about his fellow musician, but then added “the guy is a complete punk”. And actually, when it comes to COVID matters, it’s Young delivering misinformation, he reckoned.

Name-checking Young’s track ‘Rockin In The Free World’, Nugent continued: “If you’ve done that much mind-altering chemicals throughout your life, then you can proudly claim in one moment that you should be rocking in the free world but then in the next moment witness all the evidence supporting everything that Joe Rogan’s been saying, that I’ve been saying – the truth, logic, common sense, the indisputable evidence to support it – and then claim that we’re guilty of misinformation when, actually, the stoner birdbrain punk, he delivers misinformation”.

As for the Spotify boycott, Nugent added: “So this is a funny moment because he made an ultimatum to Spotify – whatever that big tech is – and he said, ‘If you don’t take Joe Rogan off Spotify, then you have to take my music off Spotify’. That’s a pretty easy decision, Neil! Thanks for making it so simple, because Neil Young on Spotify – adios mofo”.

So worry not Team Spotify, Nugent’s got your back. And if you want to shoot some animals any time, he’ll be there to back you on that too.