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Ten years of the FAC – plus new A:E season coming soon

By | Published on Friday 28 June 2019

Nick Mason, Ed O'Brien, Sandy Shaw, Dave Rowntree - Featured Artists Coalition

The Featured Artists Coalition celebrated its tenth anniversary at a party hosted by Kobalt earlier this week, with FAC members old and new joining an assortment of industry reps to mark the occasion.

The FAC was established in 2009, of course, to ensure that the artist voice was heard in all the debates around the music industry. Especially whenever political types were considering new laws around copyright, ticketing and gig licensing, and all that kind of stuff.

It also aimed to provide a forum where artists could share knowledge and information with each other, and provide practical support and timely advice for new talent. And it’s been doing all that ever since.

CMU:DIY has been lucky enough to get involved on the supporting new talent side over the last two years via the Artist:Entrepreneur programme that we developed with the FAC.

The main A:E Day has now taken place in Cambridge, Manchester, London and Belfast, while we have also presented A:E sessions at a variety of other events, including in Bristol, London and even Beirut. And there’s a whole new season of A:E activity kicking off this autumn.

With the A:E programme, FAC’s artist advocates open up their personal artist businesses, explaining how they have split up their rights, distributed their music, built an online presence, grown a fanbase, got the gigs and generated revenue.

These insider insights allow new artists to put CMU:DIY’s music industry guides into a real-world context, and better understand how they could also build a business around their music, and identify the people and companies they might work with along the way.

Look out for more details about future A:E events here in the CMU Daily very soon. If you are interested in hosting and/or sponsoring A:E sessions email And to see how things went at the FAC tenth anniversary party on Monday, click here.