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The 1975’s Matty Healy berates Triple J for promoting Australian tour

By | Published on Friday 7 October 2022

The 1975

It’s always good to have a national broadcaster get behind your band, I’m sure any artist would tell you that. Well, any artist except The 1975’s Matty Healy, who has hit out – repeatedly – at Australian radio station Triple J for having the audacity to promote his band’s newly announced tour dates in the country.

The station posted about The 1975’s 2023 tour dates on its website and social media accounts yesterday, as well as noting that the band have a new album out next week. Good to get the word out, eh? Well, no. Healy doesn’t think so. Mainly because he feels that the station, up until now, has entirely ignored his band.

Kicking off his rant, Healy wrote in an Instagram story: “Play our music then before you start licking our arse just cos you’ve finally realised we’re mint”.

What if the people running the radio station didn’t see that post though? Just to make sure the message got across, he then wrote a comment on Triple J’s original Instagram post, saying: “Yeah play our fucking music then you muppets”.

However, that comment has now been somewhat buried under others from people excited to see the band play live. But it’s alright, ensuring he had more bases covered, Healy also switched over to his Twitter app to post about it there.

Retweeting Triple J’s tweet about the tour, he wrote: “You literally have nothing to do with us coming to Australia, don’t start getting involved now. You don’t have a monopoly on cool and the head of your company is a knobhead, so yous can fuck off”.

Anyway, I’m now wary of telling you this, but The 1975 will be touring Australia in April next year. According to Triple J, tickets go on sale next Friday.