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The Drums just fine without Kessler

By | Published on Thursday 4 November 2010

If you were worried/hoping that The Drums wouldn’t be able to continue after the departure of guitarist Adam Kessler in September, the answer is that they will. In fact, they are better and stronger without him. That’s what frontman Jonny Piece says, anyway.

Speaking to Xfm, Pierce said: “It’s one of those things where victory comes through struggle and you get shaken up and you pull together and things are tighter and stronger and more potent all together and it ended up being a really good thing for us I think. We’re more confident than we’ve ever been. I know that sounds silly but Adam leaving the band gave us some more insight into who we actually are as individuals and as a band”.

He added that Kessler will still hold some influence over the band’s second album: “The first song we wrote for the new album was definitely a reaction to Adam leaving. Sort of a bit of an angry song with a few emotions in there that we were feeling. We weren’t really sure how we were feeling so the song might come across as slightly confused”.