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The Drums not working with Florence

By | Published on Thursday 1 April 2010

For a change from reporting on bands that aren’t reforming, we’ve decided to start updating you on artists who aren’t working together. To kick things off, here’s news that The Drums are not (repeat: not) going to be recording with Florence Welch any time soon. With or without her machine.

The band’s Jonathan Pierce told The Daily Record: “Florence sent us a couple of emails through her manager. We think she’s a really cool girl. Out of all those girls making pop music, we think she’s miles ahead of the rest.[But] collaborating with anyone is against what we want to do as a band, unless it is a once-in-a-lifetime thing with Edwyn Collins”.

The Drums will, however, support Flo on her upcoming US tour. Unless that’s just an elaborate ruse on her part to get her revenge on them. That’d be just like her – book a load of venues, sell no tickets, and just get The Drums to turn up night after night to find an empty, locked building. She’ll be there, though. They won’t know it, but she’ll be just out of sight, trying to stifle her laughter as she watches them standing there with all their equipment, scratching their heads.

Pierce has no clue that this is her plan, though. Look, he said this: “She’s very nice and hand-selected us for the tour here and in the US. She’s a smart girl, so she’ll understand why we wouldn’t collaborate. It’s nothing personal”.

Also not working with the band are The Smiths, though The Drums do apparently count at least three quarters of the legendary Manchester band amongst their fans. When the band performed at the Manchester Deaf Institute on Tuesday night, former Smiths drummer and bassist Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke were spotted in the audience, while Morrissey himself made his way down to The Old Blue Last in London last night to watch the band.

Johnny Marr was unavailable for comment on account of him collaborating with too many bands.