The Drums tease second album

By | Published on Wednesday 29 June 2011

The Drums

The Drums have posted a new video online to tease their new album. The trailer shows grainy footage of the band in the studio, as well as water, a city, a crucifix, and fire. The word ‘portamento’ is also flashed up on screen twice and soundtracking the whole thing is some instrumental synth-based music.

From this video, I think we can safely assume that the album will be composed of electro-gospel reworkings of Earth, Wind & Fire songs. OK, that means I’m taking water to represent wind. Though the fire does look like it might be blowing in the wind, so maybe water denotes that the album was recorded under water, possibly in Atlantis. Well, if at least 90% of what I just said isn’t spot on, I will be very surprised indeed.

See the video for yourself here: