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Album Review: The Drums – The Drums (EMI/Moshi Moshi)

By | Published on Monday 5 July 2010

The Drums

Who are these Drums, then? Who is this guy, trying to sound a bit like a post-punk throwback? Sometimes I try to stay true to the mantra ‘don’t believe the hype’, but, as cynical as the opening of this review is, I actually quite like this band’s album. It’s hardly unique, what with bands like Surfer Blood and Foals already doing this kind of thing (and probably better), but it’s catchy as hell and, I said it already – I bloody well like it, okay?

First things first, ‘Lets Go Surfing’ drives me bananas, but opener ‘Best Friend’ has a lovely, summer-in-1980 beat that’s quite Cure-ish and, together with the Jesus And Mary Chain-esque ‘Down By The Water’ and ‘We Tried’, makes up for the forgettable rotten apple (and ‘Skippin’ Town’ which to me just sounds the same).

With a bit of luck, the Brooklyn band’s follow-up will be less faddy, and will cater less to the expectations of cookie-cutter indie kids, and they’ll go all Horrors on us and release a gem that is worthy of their talents and our ears. TW

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