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The End Festival announces Brexit Day event

By | Published on Friday 8 March 2019

The End, Of What?

The End Festival has been running in London for about a decade now, during which time nothing at all has actually ended. Nothing. But this year’s edition is set to take place on 29 Mar, a day when something is supposed to end – namely the UK’s membership of the European Union.

With that in mind, the event aims to celebrate the end of all and any collaboration between musicians from the United Kingdom and other EU countries. Well, possibly more to celebrate past collaborations and to make a statement that creators across Europe won’t stop collaborating, even if some of the politicians do.

“I want to do an event which celebrates the coming together of acts from different parts of the EU”, says organiser Howard Monks. “A statement that even at this nominally grassroots level, we will continue to collaborate and celebrate each other, regardless of what the political climate might be. So while the foundation and the timing of this event might be political, the intent is simply to say we are here, we will collaborate, we will celebrate”.

Taking place at Cecil Sharp House in London on 29 Mar, under the name ‘The End, Of What?’, acts so far confirmed include The Cha, Robocobra Quartet, Epic45, Bird In The Belly, Arborist, Rev Magnetic, Fran & Flora, Noémie Ducimetière and Killing Cartisano. Stuart Braithwaite from Mogwai will do some DJing as well.

Given there’s very little chance we’ll actually fall out of the EU on the 29 Mar, you can feel comfortable enjoying yourself a bit. Unless we accidentally crash out with no deal, in which case going out partying will possibly seem a little irresponsible. So, even more reason to buy a ticket, I reckon.

More info on ‘The End, Of What?’ here.