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The Ghost Inside offer update after bus crash

By | Published on Thursday 3 December 2015

The Ghost Inside

US metalcore band The Ghost Inside have written about the tour bus crash they were involved in last month.

As previously reported, the band’s bus collided with a lorry outside El Paso in Texas, killing the drivers of both vehicles. The update on Facebook gave an indication of the severity of the injuries suffered by the band’s members.

“The truth is, there are a lot of very serious injuries”, they wrote. “We are dealing with badly broken legs and ankles, cracked pelvises, and fractured vertebrae that require screws, plates, rods, and careful surgery to repair. Over the last week most of these procedures have been completed very successfully, but there are still a couple more to go, and most of the guys are still in the hospital. It is yet another blessing that we are in a place with so many remarkable doctors and surgeons to make this possible”.

They continued: “It is going to be a long road for us to quite literally be back on our feet. We have many months of recovery, rehabilitation, and physical therapy ahead. For some of us, simply learning to walk again will be a monumental undertaking. For now, we must put all shows on hold and focus only on our health”.

As well as this, the band thanks the people who have offered assistance, including those who have contributed to the various crowdfunding campaigns set up to help raise money to cover the cost of their medical treatment. “There are far too many people to thank right now, and no contribution, whether thoughts, prayers, socks, shirts, $5 or $5000 has gone unnoticed”.

Read the full update here.