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The Joy Formidable explore the female gaze in new video

By | Published on Wednesday 27 January 2016

The Joy Formidable

The Joy Formidable have released a new video, filled with clips of semi-naked men. A lead they hope others will follow.

Writing about the video in The Guardian, frontwoman Ritzy Bryan said: “We’re big on making our own music videos, so last month we started collecting footage and finishing the treatment to this song. The video follows a voyeuristic heterosexual female gaze – like my own – watching men in all forms, free, relaxed, sexy and objectified. It’s beautiful, provocative, occasionally pervy, sometimes just admiring of the prowess of Jimi Hendrix and his guitar, or Iggy Pop’s gorgeous lack of inhibition”.

“The male gaze is well represented in videos: we see plenty of female nudity, statistically more than male nudity”, she continues. “What we don’t see very often is men and women as equal in their nudity and sensuality, without a power struggle. It’s a lot to cover in a single music video, but showing a different side of male sensuality is one part of the conversation”.

Read Bryan’s article in full here, and watch the video here: