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Single Review: The Radio Dept – Never Follow Suit (Labrador)

By | Published on Thursday 11 November 2010

The Radio Dept

I played The Radio Dept’s latest album ‘Clinging To A Scheme’ to death on its release in April. It was that go-to album that always seemed just right when I needed something to wake me up on the way to work, or, for that matter, to bring me back down when coming home; it was the kind of album that makes you realise: ‘Hey, the world’s not that shit after all’.

‘Never Follow Suit’ was undoubtedly my favourite song from that album, and when I heard the band were planning to release an EP under its name, I just had to hear it. Like ‘Clinging To A Scheme’, the EP is atmospheric and reflective, thoughtful and dreamlike. The songs that cushion track two ‘Never Follow Suit’ – ‘The One’ and ‘Stay Off Route’ – are climatic and ethereal, a brief dip into the vast sounds of the two songs that then follow, the airy ‘On Your Side’ and ‘Never Swallow Fruit’, the latter the Pistol Disco dub mix of the EP’s main attraction, a mellowed-out trip into hazy, surreal soundscapes.

This EP has a wonderful way of drawing you in, even more so as each song is subtly weaved to the next and there really is no pause for breath. We don’t need one, because quite frankly, this is music to drown in. TW

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