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The Scala bans two “rogue” security guards following Wargasm assault

By | Published on Wednesday 10 November 2021


The Scala has announced that it has banned two “rogue” security guards from working at the London venue, after Wargasm’s Sam Matlock was assaulted backstage following a show on Friday night.

In a statement at the weekend, Wargasm explained that – while loading out of the venue – “a bouncer was verbally aggressive to our female tour manager, leading to Sam having to step in”. Amid the resulting altercation, “three bouncers then dragged Sam into the backstage toilets, where two of them slammed his head against the toilet seat and held his head in the toilet bowl while the third bouncer held the door closed with his foot”.

There has been criticism of The Scala’s slow response to these claims, which the venue’s management noted in their statement yesterday. They said that they had conducted a “full investigation” and spoken to all parties involved, adding: “Unfortunately, this detailed inquiry has taken time and we were not able to respond as quickly as social media would have liked”.

“The two security personnel involved were deployed by Saber Security Ltd to work at the club night”, the statement continued. “Having completed an extensive investigation, a detailed study of CCTV, and met with the directors of the security company, the two rogue individuals who carried out the offence were dismissed from working at Scala with immediate effect”.

The venue’s management added that they have “actively encouraged [Wargasm] to report the incident to the police and that we would assist them wholeheartedly”.

This statement still leaves several questions unanswered about the incident. For example, two security guards have been barred from working at The Scala, but Wargasm said that three were involved in the assault. It’s also not clear if the two “rogue individuals” are still employed by Saber Security and may turn up at other venues in London as a result.

In a statement following that of The Scala, organisers of Face Down – the club night at which Wargasm had performed – said: “We are working with Wargasm’s management and have scheduled a face to face meeting with Scala after noting their press release. We believe more can be done”.

“We are now in contact with the security company and are waiting for their response”, they later added. “Whilst we don’t employ them, we feel we needed to speak to them as your safety is such a high priority for us”.

Wargasm have not provided further comment since their statement on Saturday.