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The Shins giving away their first tour van

By | Published on Friday 10 March 2017

The Shins

The Shins are giving away their tour van, because apparently they don’t need it anymore. They’re all about the limos and private jets these days. Well, perhaps. Actually, it seems like they haven’t used this van for some time and now just want shot of it.

The Ford Club Wagon – which won Motor Trend Magazine’s Truck Of The Year Award in 1992, so none of your shite – was the band’s first van. These days it’s not used for touring though, as frontman James Mercer explains: “It’s going to waste. It’s not being use for what it can do. It’s a working van … It ought to be passed on to a band that uses it to get out and play shows and spread their music”.

If you fancy owning this piece of history/tour enablement, you just have to upload a video of your band performing a song from the new Shins album, ‘Heartworms’, and then post it somewhere with the hashtag #ShinsVanContest. Technically you have to be in the US to enter, but maybe if you’re really confident in your cover they’ll bundle in a free green card with your prize.

More info on all of this here. And here’s some van chat from James Mercer – fun fact: it used to be full of cow shit: