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The Streets’ Mike Skinner and The Music’s Rob Harvey announce new band

By | Published on Tuesday 25 October 2011

Mike Skinner

The Streets’ Mike Skinner and The Music’s Rob Harvey have formed a new band together called The DOT. I’m not sure what DOT stands for. Maybe Department Of Tunes. Or Damn Ornothology Tutors. Or Deftly Officiated Tantrum. Or Double Oncologist Takedown. Or Diagnosis: Old Toes. It’s probably one of those.

The good news is that we’ve got a little bit more time to find out, as the band isn’t due to get properly out into the wider world just yet, with a few more gigs to go before Skinner actually calls time on The Streets next month. The Music, of course, split earlier this year. In the meantime, there are fifteen videos currently online at

Those videos, by the way, are works in progress. The duo announced on their Facebook page on Sunday: “The videos are experiments and a work in progress. They are inspiring the songs that will eventually be on the record. This is happening. We are very excited”.

Speaking to The Guardian, Skinner added: “It’s hard to speak for both of us but we have a very similar work ethic and love for high quality tea … It’s like one of those buddy movies from the 80s where the dream is impossible until they both make each other see things in themselves that they previously didn’t know”.