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The ten most-read news stories on the CMU site in August 2015

By | Published on Tuesday 1 September 2015


Yet another month has past, despite our best efforts, so the only thing left to do is take a look at the ten most-read news stories on the CMU website during said calendar period.

Topping the list in August was the Motion Picture Association Of America’s decision to drop its attempts to get web-blocking in place Stateside through the US courts. Though that decision, the MPAA insisted, was nothing to do with big tech’s written opposition to it.

Before you go and look through the full list, let’s have a quick look at our five most popular features in August. Topping that countdown is an interview with DigMark’s Aileen Crowley on the emerging business of promoting tracks to Spotify playlist owners. Following that are four editions of the CMU Podcast, looking at the digital pie, Apple Music, the MPAA case mentioned above, Baboom, and more.

The top ten most-read news stories in full:

01: Movie Industry drops web-block injunction request from MovieTube case
02: Leona Lewis left Syco over covers album proposal
03: Sony/ATV demands Beatles doc lawsuit be dismissed following UK copyright ruling
04: New Spotify terms seek to crack down on playlist payola
05: Simon Napier-Bell responds to Sinead O’Connor allegations over live income
06: Spice Girls 20th anniversary reunion is/isn’t happening
07: Live Nation acquires Mama in UK, as German expansion announced
08: Server firm seeks to finally delete old MegaUpload servers
09: Plagiarism lawsuit Shakira and Sony/ATV lost now thrown out by judge
10: SoundCloud no longer providing data to Next Big Sound

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