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The ten most-read news stories on the CMU site in June 2015

By | Published on Monday 6 July 2015

DJ Slugo

Right, so I suppose you want to know what the most-read news story on the CMU website was in June 2015. If not, this page really isn’t the place for you. It’s OK, it’s an easy mistake to make. Just click to go somewhere else on the site, I won’t tell anyone. Although maybe I’ve piqued your interest. Would you like to know after all? Alright then, it was a report on the sacking of DJ Slugo as music supervisor on the new Spike Lee film, after it emerged that he was trying to get musicians to pay to submit their music for possible inclusion.

After that there was all the Apple Music-related stuff you might expect – three reports in all – that being the month’s big story. But there was plenty of other digital music news, not all of it quite so hype-heavy. Second most popular on the site in June was the ongoing fight to take a clone of Grooveshark offline, after the original site was shut down in May. Then there was news of Blinkbox Music going into administration, after new owner Guvera struggled to come up with a financially viable plan for it.

And because people are still interested in analogue music too, in at number eight is a look at HMV’s claim that it is responsible for the vinyl revival and is now taking the format mainstream again. Those twelve-inch Mothers’ Day compilations will be rolling out the door next year, mark my words.

In CMU features last month, most popular was Eddy TM’s article on developing a new stage at the Secret Garden Party festival, after which came an interview with former Asthmatic Kitty label manager John Beeler on the company’s policy on leaks, two Beef Of The Week columns on Mat Zo and Deadmau5, plus the first episode of the all new CMU Podcast.

The top ten most-read news stories in full:

01: Music supervisor sacked from Spike Lee film after charging to receive submissions
02: All new Grooveshark taken down twice and counting
03: Blinkbox Music back up for sale as company goes into administration
04: Apple Music finally unveiled
05: Former Pirate Bay man says Aussie anti-piracy rules won’t work
06: Beggars goes public on Apple Music deal
07: Universal Publishing chief addresses questions around direct licensing of digital
08: More speculation ahead of Apple’s big music announcement
09: HMV for some reason thinks vinyl can go mainstream again
10: Fender appoints new CEO after one year search

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