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The ten most-read news stories on the CMU site in September 2015

By | Published on Monday 5 October 2015

The Pirate Bay

Hey, what were people reading about on the CMU website in September? Well, piracy and vinyl mainly. Not just that though. They were also checking out news on the launch of Radio X; Black Sabbath’s farewell tour and the reasons behind it; The Beatles both in and out of the public domain; the blockchain; and the right of labels, or not, to distribute music to Spotify.

You can catch up with all of the top ten most-read stories we published last month in the list below. But before we get to that, let’s have a quick look at our most popular features of the month.

In first comes an Approved column on Tinashe, then there’s a Beef Of The Week on Sam Smith’s poor relationship with the truth. In third and fifth there are two editions of the CMU Podcast, one leading on Radio X and the other on the vinyl revival. Those two straddle another Approved column, this one on Kyla La Grange.

The top ten most-read news stories in full:

1: Turns out The Pirate Bay’s servers weren’t seized after all
2: Google was processing 23 copyright takedowns a second last month
3: Technics to launch new vinyl turntable
4: Alcopop! Records to release QI podcast on vinyl
5: Global hands back Xfm Scotland licence ahead of Radio X relaunch, as Eddy Temple-Morris departs
6: Tony Iommi admits health concerns behind Black Sabbath farewell tour
7: Beatles fans discovered to still have money in their wallets
8: Canadian company accuses majors of anti-competitive behaviour over public domain Beatles tracks
9: Berklee report bigs up the blockchain as a royalty processing solution
10: Johan Johansson to be culled from Spotify after ‘making available’ test case win

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