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The ten most-read news stories on in April 2013

By | Published on Thursday 2 May 2013

The Pirate Bay

Last month’s most popular articles were dominated by updates in the long running sagas of HMV and The Pirate Bay.

However, most popular on in April was our report on the Yeah Yeah Yeahs banning (or at least strongly opposing) fans from taking photos during a show in New York. Debate raged hard, but in the end the people supporting the band’s decision far outweighed those who felt they should be able to take pictures and video as they place. So maybe stop it now, yeah? Yeah, yeah.

After that, the second and third positions were occupied by two recent top level domain name changes for The Pirate Bay. First was the shift from its .se URL (currently at risk of being seized by the Swedish courts) to a shiny new .gl one in Greenland. However, that new domain name was blocked by after the Denmark-affiliated country’s domain authority cited a Danish court ruling that deemed The Pirate Bay liable for the copyright infringement it enables.

From there the BitTorrent tracker moved to an Icelandic .is domain (our second most popular story this month), confident it would be safe there. Some sneaky legal action back in Sweden put paid to that though, and more recently the site has shifted to a .sx domain registered on the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten, where so far it has managed to stay.

Next we move onto our first HMV story. Now, I know I shouldn’t question what our readers are interested in, but a lot of you seem pretty impressed by HTML. In 2013. OK, there’s a little more to it than that, and I suppose it is quite nice. Relaunching the HMV website after being saved from administration, the company hid a little message in the site’s source code.

Meanwhile the actual announcement of Hilco’s deal to purchase the HMV UK business is down at number ten, and the other post-acquisition report that 400 jobs would be culled under the new management sits at number six.

Sandwiched between two HMV stories at number five was our report on the cancellation of the Tokyo Rocks festival, which its organiser has since promised will be rescheduled later this year. At number seven was the news of the first of a number of cancellations on Meatloaf’s UK farewell tour, ahead of the two men accused of plotting to kill Joss Stone being found guilty at eight and being accused of stealing other people’s music and passing it off as his own at nine.

There was more festivals news in our top five most popular features this month too, with new London-based festivals the Electric Daisy Carnival (an offshoot of the popular US dance festival brand) and British Summer Time – the former Festival Line-Up Update coming first and the latter fourth. In second place was a guest post laying out a timeline for promoting a single release by a new band, in third was a report from Tallinn Music Week, and in fifth place was our interview with the brilliant Susanne Sundfør.

The top ten most-read news stories in full:

01 Gig phone camera ban? Yeah Yeah Yeah please
02 The Pirate Bay moves to Icelandic domain
03 The Pirate Bay moves to Greenland domain
04 Hidden Nipper in new HMV site
05 New McGee-backed Tokyo music festival cancelled
06 HMV to shed 400 jobs, reports The Times
07 Meat Loaf cancels Nottingham show due to illness
08 Joss Stone murder plotters found guilty
09 accused of song theft. Again
10 Hilco’s HMV deal announced, some closed stores to reopen

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