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The ten most-read news stories on in August 2013

By | Published on Monday 2 September 2013

Harry Styles

August is typically the quiet period in the music industry’s year, but that doesn’t mean no significant news stories. Looking through the top ten most-read articles on last month, there’s a good balance between what are definitely ‘silly season’ stories and some more meaty news. Plus, of course, there’s the ever present lowdown on Harry Styles’ perfect girlfriend, still going strong nine months after it was originally published.

Up top on the list is the news that MAMA & Company founder Dean James had gone “on leave” from the company, with Chairman Richard Thompson stepping into the CEO role on an interim basis. Other business news in the top ten begins at number three, with a report on Tesco’s rumoured in-development tablet device, something that could initiate a price-war in the tablet market, and which will presumably have Tesco’s own digital content services at its core.

There’s lots of copyright-related news in the top ten too, with an interesting ruling on Green Day’s use of an artist’s work in their live show without permission at number four, a $100 million lawsuit against various hip hop stars over uncleared samples at five, and down at eight, the news that Grooveshark had reached a settlement and licensing agreement with EMI Publishing (and later in the month Sony/ATV).

And at number six in the top ten is our report on former Radio 1 presenter Dave Lee Travis being charged with sexual offences as part of Operation Yewtree, the investigation sparked by revelations about acts of child abuse conducted by Jimmy Savile.

Moving onto the sillier stories that proved popular in August, at number two are details about Ke$ha’s new line of jewellery, featuring penis-shaped earrings and rings made from fans’ teeth. At nine are claims by Tyler, The Creator that he just wants to get rich quick and retire. Then, finally, at number seven, we have another One Direction-related story (in addition to Harry’s dream girl), that no one is going to sue the group into removing their recent single ‘Best Song Ever’ from the internet. Nor were they ever.

Over in CMU features last month, by far the most popular was our guide to this year’s Notting Hill Carnival. After that came a Beef Of The Week column on Brandy’s recent unfortunate gig that saw her playing to 40 people in a 90,000 capacity stadium. Then there’s a festival line-up column featuring the announcement that Katy Perry would be joining the iTunes festival bill, another Beef Of The Week, this time featuring angry One Direction fans taking on GQ, and finally, leaving music altogether, an Approved column on the ‘Limmy’s World Of Glasgow’ comedy podcast.

The top ten most-read news stories in full:

01: New management at MAMA after James pushed out
02: Ke$ha sells penis/teeth jewellery
03: Tesco to put entertainment at the heart of new tablet device
04: Green Day didn’t infringe copyright when using artwork without permission, court rules
05: Hip hop acts and labels face $100 million copyright lawsuit
06: Dave Lee Travis charged with sexual offences
07: The Who not suing One Direction, fans now up in arms about Channel 4 documentary instead
08: Grooveshark settles with EMI Music Publishing, signs new licensing deal
09: Tyler, The Creator aims to get rich and retire ASAP
10: Harry Styles describes his perfect girl

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