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The ten most-read news stories on in June 2013

By | Published on Monday 8 July 2013

The Pirate Bay

Topping the most popular news stories on in June was a report on a police visit to the home of the operator of Pirate Bay proxy PirateSniper. The police were joined by representatives of the Federation Against Copyright Theft, who pointed out that criminal charges and a jail sentence could be the result of keeping the proxy going.

Pirate Bay proxies also featured further down the top ten, at seven, with the news that Sky Broadband had begun blocking another batch of proxy sites that give people access to The Pirate Bay, which is itself blocked by the six major ISPs in the UK as a result of a 2012 court order.

And there was more file-sharing-related news at number six with what may be the final chapter in the long running story of one-time file-sharer Joel Tenenbaum and the damages claim brought against him by the Recording Industry Association Of America. An appeals court ruled that the disputed $675,000 figure he was told to pay the US record industry for sharing 31 songs on Kazaa should be upheld.

Keeping things music business-focussed down at number eight was a report on the restructuring of Metropolis Studios’ financial affairs, which saw the London studio complex put one of its companies into administration and sell its assets to a holding company, Metropolis London Music Ltd, which also took on the old company’s staff.

Near the end of our list, at number nine, was a report on claims by The Mirror that negotiations to bring Chris Moyles back to BBC Radio in a new slot had now completely stalled, after reports last year that it was unlikely that his return would be on Radio 1, as had been originally planned.

Heading back up to the top of the list, at number two was the announcement that Boards Of Canada would be streaming their new album ahead of its release, while at number three was the news that Mumford & Sons had been forced to cancel their remaining US tour dates as bassist Ted Dwane recovered from brain surgery.

At number four and five were some older stories. First a report from May on Dr Dre’s latest stint in the studio and plans to make a film about his former group, NWA. Next, going back all the way to November 2012, was a report on the possibility of a new film, called ‘Tropico’, being made by Lana Del Rey. The surge in interest for this latter story came after filming began earlier this month, which we also reported on.

The final story in our top ten is another from last November, and one we’ve seen in our most popular articles before. Yes, it’s the answer to the all-important question of what Harry Styles’ perfect girlfriend would be like.

Meanwhile, our five most popular features in June were a playlist put together by producer Jon Hopkins, a Beef Of The Week column looking at what happened when the NME gave Tom Odell’s album 0/10, Dan Le Sac’s thoughts on crowdfunding, CMU Editor Andy Malt on the disposability of music on the internet, and another Beef Of The Week column, this time on Rihanna’s war of words with The Daily Mail’s Liz Jones.

The top ten most-read news stories in full:

01 Pirate Bay proxy operator visited by police
02 Boards Of Canada to stream new LP – today!
03 Mumford & Sons cancel more US tour dates as bassist recovers from brain surgery
04 Dr Dre to go back to his first love: the studio, making NWA film
05 Lana Del Rey hints at Tropico film, screens new video
06 Tenenbaum’s six figure file-sharing damages bill upheld
07 More Pirate Bay proxies blocked
08 Metropolis Studios restructures company
09 BBC comeback for Chris Moyles unlikely, says Mirror
10 Harry Styles describes his perfect girl

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