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The Wanted are all about the music, not like ‘face band’ 1D, say The Wanted

By | Published on Monday 5 March 2012

The Wanted

With the musical output of the current crop of British boybands particularly bland, even by boyband standards, you need a bit of a back story don’t you? And look, here’s the makings of a The Wanted/One Direction feud, which would improve things no end.

Of course we’re sure that the Global-managed, Universal-signed Wanted haven’t been told to up the bitchiness against the ITV-created Sony-signed 1D just because Harry Styles thanked the wrong radio station when picking up the Global-sponsored Best Single BRIT last month, not even the Global top guard are that petty. Though it is possible some clever marketing spark reckons a good old fashioned band feud could help maintain interest in these two pop franchises a little longer.

Anyway, both pop creations are currently trying to replicate their UK successes Stateside, and thanks to some clever telly appearances (and, possibly, both groups seeming alluringly rebellious to pop-buying teenage girls when put up against their US teen pop counterparts), they are both scoring some successes. Though it’s The Wanted who have beaten even Take That to become the first British boyband to score a top five hit in the Billboard Hot 100 with ‘Glad You Came’.

And with that in mind, here’s Wanted boy Max George telling Metro that his group is doing super well in the US because, unlike 1D, they are all about the music, and not just pretty faces with media partnerships. Says George: “I’m not sure how well [One Direction] are actually doing yet [in the US]. I don’t think people really look at us over there as the same kind of band [as 1D], because I think people look at them more like a Jonas Brothers sort of band, that are very TV and children’s magazine based. They make magazines instead of you actually hearing them on the radio”.

He continues: “I think our audience over there is sort of eighteen to 25 or 30. We have a lot of radio play but I think we’re more of a music band”. Asked about Wanted/1D relations, he continued: “We don’t talk. ‘The X-Factor’ family stick together. They’re very close, you know, all the ‘X-Factor’ contestants, and they kind of stay in that one circle normally”.