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“There is no tour, no more music from the Spice Girls”, says Vicky B

By | Published on Wednesday 18 April 2018

Spice Girls

Right, so the Spice Girls reunion. You remember, the Spice Girls reunion, right? All five members of the group and their former manager Simon Fuller got together in February to “explore some incredible new opportunities”.

Mel C said: “It just feels like a really positive time, we need the girl power message more now than ever”. Geri Horner later added: “We want to do something for our fans, and all the new generation. We’re just putting all the possibilities out there, so watch this space”.

And boy have we been watching that space. What might the Spice Girls reunion involve? A tour right? We’re going to get a Spice Girls reunion tour! How about some new music? Come on, let’s have some new Spice Girls music!

“There is no tour, no more music from the Spice Girls”, says champion spoil sport Victoria Beckham in a new interview with Grazia magazine. “But it was great getting together with them”, she adds of that meeting.

So what was that get together and the resulting ambiguous remarks from her former bandmates all about, then? “We were just saying Girl Power is such an important message and how do we communicate that?” Beckham goes on. “How do we pass the baton on, how does that look to future generations? And that’s what it’s about with us”.

She adds: “It’s not all about the rumours about going on tour and recording new material”. So, please take note. Yes, that’s right. The Spice Girls reunion will consist of a tour and new material without the involvement of champion spoil sport Victoria Beckham. Or maybe not. There’s still talk of some sort of TV show. A baton passing show perhaps.