These New Puritans talk new LP, share track

By | Published on Thursday 9 May 2013

These New Puritans

Having taunted fans with a ‘making of’ trailer for their new LP, ‘Field Of Reeds’, late last month, These New Puritans have now added to that a tracklisting, a 10 Jun release date, and a new track titled ‘Fragment Two’.

Gabbing with The Quietus, the band’s Jack Burnett – who wrote the LP’s brass, orchestral and choral score – has named conductor Andre De Ridder, composer Michel Van Der Aa and jazz artist Elisa Rodrigues as collaborators, adding of ‘Field Of Reeds’ at large: “I tried to make all the lyrics and songs mean something, something very specific; I don’t like it when you’re allowed to be singing about nothing in particular – I was inspired by people like Stephen Sondheim, Oscar Hammerstein, Kurt Weill”.


This Guy’s in Love With You
Fragment Two
The Light in Your Name
V (Island Song)
Organ Eternal
Nothing Else
Field of Reeds