TI sent down

By | Published on Monday 18 October 2010

TI will have to use his ‘talking-suicidal-jumpers-down’ skills in prison for the next year after he was thrown back in jail on Friday. He was jailed for eleven months after breaking the rules of his probation relating to a previous weapons conviction. He was back in court after being arrested on suspicion of drug possession last month.

According to the Associated Press, the rapper begged the judge not to send him to jail, insisting what he needed was drug counselling and that he was committed to kicking his drug addiction. But Judge Charles Pannell Jr said he felt the hip hopper had had enough second chances and should be sent back to prison.

The judge seemed particularly pissed off that TI had fucked up despite being given what he considered a generous sentence, in which he got out of jail in return for doing 1000 hours of community service, mainly talking to kids about the dangers of drugs. That had been part of an experiment to test alterative sentencing methods, Pannell said, and TI had spoiled the case for using such methods with other offenders. Or, to use the judges words: “You certainly dumped a lot of smut on the whole experiment”.

In related news, the mother of the suicidal man TI helped coax down from the 22nd floor of a building in Atlanta last week has praised the rapper for his intervention, and criticised those who have suggested the whole thing was a PR stunt to help the hip hopper’s case in court.

Speaking to Atlanta radio station V103, the woman said: “I wish it was a publicity stunt, and my son wasn’t hurting as bad as he is to get up there and do something like that. Thank God for TI … It’s crazy for people to think that someone would do that as a publicity stunt. It just bothers my mind”.