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Ticketfly back online, says payment details not accessed during cyber attack

By | Published on Thursday 7 June 2018


Ticketfly is now fully back online, almost a week after being hit by a cyber attack. The company has confirmed that data from around 27 million accounts was stolen by a hacker, but said that credit and debit card details were safe.

“Last week Ticketfly was the target of a malicious cyber attack”, says a Ticketfly spokesperson in a statement. “In consultation with third-party forensic cybersecurity experts we can now confirm that credit and debit card information was not accessed. However, information including names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers connected to approximately 27 million Ticketfly accounts was accessed”.

“Upon first learning about this incident we took swift action to secure the data of our clients and fans”, they added. “We take privacy and security very seriously and regret any disruption this has caused. We’re extremely grateful for the patience and support of the Ticketfly community”.

All of Ticketfly’s online operations were taken offline last week, after its servers were hacked. Vice’s Motherboard spoke to someone claiming to be the hacker, who said that they had warned the company of a security vulnerability prior to stealing its database.