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Ticketfly raises new finance

By | Published on Thursday 16 July 2015


Ticketing firm Ticketfly – which has always bragged about how well its platform integrates with social media – has just raised another $50 million in investment, led by private equity outfit Riverwood Capital. So I imagine at the moment they’re mainly bragging about that.

The new funds will be used to finance further product development, to move into larger facilities, and to expand into new territories and adjacent verticals. Which, and I don’t know about you, are my very favourite kind of verticals. The new loot will also enable Team Ticketfly to “reimagine the event-going experience for fans”. Yeah. Oh well, at least they didn’t talk about “disrupting” the market.

Confirming the new finance, founder Andrew Dreskin told reporters: “I’m excited to welcome the Riverwood team to the Ticketfly family. We both agree that there is a once-in-a-lifetime moment of disruption happening in the live events space, and Ticketfly is clearly at the centre of it”. Oh.

Still, at least they didn’t talk about “shaking the market up”. Says Riverwood Capital partner Jeff Parks: “Ticketfly is giving the events industry the shake up it needs – and I’m not just talking about ticketing”. Ah.

Though, for an adjacent vertical exploring, event-going experience reimagining, once-in-a-lifetime market disrupting, industry shaking start-up, Ticketfly is definitely an interesting player in the evolving ticketing domain. Why ticket when you can fly? That one was mine.