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Tidal loses another CEO

By | Published on Tuesday 30 May 2017


Perhaps Jay-Z’s steaming company Tidal should put the word ‘guest’ in front of all its senior executives’ job titles, that way when they keep exiting they could say “oh, him, her, they were just here for the season”.

Actually, Jeff Toig was CEO at the firm for nearly eighteen months, or possibly fifteen months given the chatter that says he actually stood down in March. But he is still the company’s third chief exec since it relaunched as a Jay-Z led business in 2015.

Tidal Towers said it wished Toig all the best with his future endeavours, before excitedly stating that “as part of Tidal’s continued expansion this year we will be announcing a new CEO in the coming weeks”. Oh yes, all that continued expansion, I forgot about that. Definitely best to get a new CEO in with all that planned expansion ahead.