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Tidal to expand into 22 more markets

By | Published on Friday 6 February 2015


Tidal, the high quality audio streaming set-up from Nordic digital firm WiMP, is launching in 22 new countries, it was confirmed yesterday.

And that follows the very recent news that the service, originally launched in the UK and US last year, was also arriving in Ireland, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Fans of maths might like to know that that will put the fledgling service into 30 whole countries.

And the company is lining up an ever increasing number of audio kit partners too, companies like Sonos, Squeeze box and Linn. It’s like Tidal boss Andy Chen said yesterday: “We continue to accelerate our expansion, as demand for our product keeps rising. Besides directly from consumers, we are also seeing a very strong growth from new home audio partners”.

So there you go. And you’ll note that, in a nice change from all those weak Beats Music/Dre gags from yesteryear, in this article we forgot about Jay.