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Timbaland sells sensual fruit liqueurs

By | Published on Thursday 26 July 2012


I just love it when a music celeb backs a ridiculous food/drink franchise, and this is no exception. Yes, hip hop titan Timbaland has lent his backing to a line of premium fruity liqueurs inspired by… the ‘Kama Sutra’.

Available in four individual flavours (blueberry, strawberry, grape and peach), the LeSUTRA brand is marketed by its co-owners, Timbo and Grey Goose vodka boss Tom Bruno, as having the potential to “revolutionise the liqueur industry” by appealing to an “eclectic consumer base”. Saying that, it’s 30% proof, quite expensive, and named after a Hindu sex manual, so such aims may prove overambitious.

With this in mind, Timbaland opts for the hard sell: “Everything that I create is groundbreaking and LeSUTRA is no different. With its innovative ingredients and design, I’m confident that we’ll gain a loyal and eclectic consumer base. My infectious style has helped produce career-defining hits for artists worldwide, and now I’m guaranteeing another hit with LeSUTRA”.

If you’re 21 years old or over (sorry 18 year olds, you may be allowed to drink this product in this country, but you’re still not allowed to look at the website), you can take a look at LeSUTRA’s unattractive packaging here.