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Single Review: Travis – Song To Self (Red Telephone Box)

By | Published on Monday 5 January 2009


‘Song To Self’ is the second release taken from Travis’ ‘Ode To J Smith’ album and, unlike their previous, more edgy single ‘Something Anything’, it’s a song that fits perfectly into the band’s ‘mellow and downbeat’ mould, so expect no surprises. Fran Healey’s unmistakable voice sings along somewhat desperately to a simplistic melody, with cries of “Do you see the light, tell me you see the light” that almost make you believe there really is a light to be seen. A song about loneliness and solitude, it probably shouldn’t be listened to if you’re in a fun and sociable mood (it will most likely bring you down if you do), but if you’ve recently departed from a relationship, or just like singing songs to yourself during quiet moments alone, then this is probably worth checking out (and singing along to). Certainly Travis fans will adore this song, and those who like any old nice ballad won’t mind it either. SD

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