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Tulisa wins 10% of publishing in Britney and hit

By | Published on Thursday 5 April 2018


Tulisa Contostavlos has reportedly won a 10% slice of the publishing on the Britney Spears and song ‘Scream & Shout’ after a long-running dispute over who should have a stake in the hit.

Contostavlos collaborated on an original version of the track with producers Jean Baptiste and Jef Martens, the plan being to include it on her album ‘The Female Boss’. But that didn’t come to pass, and instead got his grubby mitts on the record, tweaked it around a bit, got Spears in to sing some vocals, and put it on his album ‘#willpower’.

Once that record was a hit, Contostavlos’s reps argued that she had contributed some of the lyrics that appeared on the final version and should therefore be included in the song’s credits and have some nice royalties to boot. As the legal dispute went through the motions, it also transpired that some of Contostavlos’s vocals were still present on the final version of the record as released.

According to Metro, as a result of all the subsequent legal wrangling, Contostavlos will now be credited as a co-writer on the track and will receive 10% of the publishing royalties, and also a share of recording income.