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Twitter announces content partnerships with Live Nation and MTV

By | Published on Tuesday 30 April 2019


Now, we all know that – in 2019 – Twitter is primarily a platform for adding sarcastic remarks underneath the posts of professional shit stirrers, ensuring that warm glow you can only feel after taking down some cunt with a clever witticism and seven emojis. But Twitter HQ is still insisting that its app is some kind of brand-friendly modern media platform, and to that end its just announced some new content partnerships.

Those partnerships include one with Live Nation which will be pumping exclusive footage of gigs and festivals into Twitter and “bringing the power of live to millions of music fans”. There will also be “must-see moments from iconic festivals”, which -together with the live music – “give brands the opportunity to meaningfully engage with fans when they’re truly listening”. Yeah, whatever you say Twitter. Sorry, #whateveryousayTwitter

Not only that, via a partnership with Viacom, MTV will be running a Twitter gimmick at the VMAs where fans will be asked “to decide which audience member they’d like to watch on a live reaction cam or follow backstage and behind-the-scenes during the show’s biggest moments”. Exciting stuff. Sorry, #excitingstuff

And now here’s Twitter’s Global VP And Head Of Content Partnerships Kay Madati saying some nonsense: “When you collaborate with the top publishers in the world, you can develop incredibly innovative ways to elevate premium content and bring new dimensions to the conversations that are already happening on Twitter”.

“Together with our partners”, he adds, “we developed this new slate of programming specifically for our audiences, and designed the content to fuel even more robust conversation on Twitter”.

Meanwhile, every Twitter user everywhere nodded politely and then returned to diligently telling Donald Trump to fuck off. Sorry, #fuckoff