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Twitter’s Head Of Music gives more details on 300 partnership

By | Published on Thursday 13 February 2014

Bob Moczydlowsky

Head Of Music at Twitter, Bob Moczydlowsky, has given further details on the social network’s partnership with Lyor Cohen’s 300 record label and artist management company in an interview with Billboard.

As previously reported, Cohen announced the hook up during his MIDEM keynote earlier this month, explaining: “We’re going to create A&R tools to find artists early, and help develop them … If you wanna get signed, I think you have to engage with Twitter … and we’ll be looking and trying to develop tools that the rest of the music community can utilise”.

Explaining this idea further, Moczydlowsky said: “We’re developing a data set specific to music … There’s a ton of new information and conversations about music that we have never let of out of the building before. Some of that data has to do with timing or geography. This can valuable data for things like targeted marketing and A&R. It has the potential to help the industry figure out how to best invest in artists or how to direct their marketing campaigns”.

What the company needs 300 for is A&R intelleigence, says Moczydlowsky, making sense of how this data may be useful to the music industry with a view to signing new artists. 300 has a six month exclusive on all of this data, before it will be made available for licensing to the entire music industry.

He continued: “In six months we will have the data set that anybody can license directly, that’s the raw data. In about a year, you should be able to go to a provider and say, ‘Hey I want access to that data and I also want it in an interface that you provide’ and you know, we’ll have a third party by then who will have that data integrated”.

Read the full interview here.