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Two more festivals cancel

By | Published on Friday 25 May 2012

Golden Down Festival

Following an admission earlier this week from Vince Power’s Music Festivals plc that ticket sales in the UK festivals sector this year were “currently slower than last year”, two more music events have pulled the plug this week, the Cheshire-based Cloud 9 and Golden Down in Winchester.

Organisers of Cloud 9, now in its third year, said in a statement confirming the cancellation: “The festival environment this year has been incredibly difficult for many small, independent festivals and has proved to be too challenging for us to overcome. We would in no way want to continue when there is a chance the quality of your experience would suffer and we wave goodbye knowing last year was absolutely incredible”.

Meanwhile, with just twenty days to go till lift off, organisers of Golden Down announced: “It is with much regret that we announce the cancellation of Golden Down festival for this year. Unfortunately, due to a number of circumstances beyond our control, we have come to the realisation that we are unable to stage the festival that we had originally conceived; one that would meet the high expectations of both artists and audience. We would like to express our sincere regrets to the artists, and to everyone who has been working hard trying to bring Golden Down to fruition”.

Cloud 9 ticket holders will all get refunds, while those with tickets for Golden Down can opt to take a refund or swap their ticket for access to this year’s Glade Festival.

Of course even in good years it’s not uncommon for a handful of boutique festivals to hit the wall, so tight are the margins on such events, though of course this year has seen some of the bigger fests have to throw in the towel too, like The Big Chill and Sonisphere, while some other festivals followed Glastonbury’s lead and decided to stand down for 2012 before announcing any dates, most blaming the Olympics, though presumably with an eye on the flagging economy too.