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UK venues ban ‘selfie sticks’

By | Published on Wednesday 21 January 2015

The O2

The O2, Wembley Arena and Academy Music Group have all banned the use of selfie sticks at live events. But not the people who own them. I guess that would be too difficult a system to operate. It would be much easier if the Government just passes a law saying that anyone who owns a selfie stick has to stay at home. Forever.

Well, anyway, until that law comes in, these bans on the sticks themselves will have to do. A spokesperson for The O2 told Billboard: “The O2 do not allow selfie sticks into the arena due to safety considerations and so as not to impact the view of other fans. We welcome selfies, but leave the stick at home please”.

It’s phrases like “we welcome selfies” that really put me off going outside. And the statement from Wembley Arena is even worse, saying: “Selfies are a big part of the gig experience [but] the sticks might mean you are refused entry to the venue. Our advice is don’t bring them and stick with the tried-and-tested use of an arm”.

Fuck off Wembley Arena. I’ll tell you what a big part of the ‘gig experience’ is: everyone standing in silence, apart from offering some applause and/or light whooping at appropriate moments, before going home and thinking about what a nice time was had by all. Up to two tweets post-show are permissible, but these must be about specifics of the performance or complaints about people not adhering to these rules.

Things are going to be so much better when I’m in charge.