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Ukrainian band Antytila feature on new Ed Sheeran remix

By | Published on Tuesday 3 May 2022


Ed Sheeran has released another remix of ‘2Step’, this time in collaboration with Ukrainian band Antytila. Proceeds from the new track will go to the Ukrainian Association Of Music Events’ Music Saves UA campaign, raising money for humanitarian efforts in the country.

Antytila first contacted Sheeran last month, asking to be included in ITV’s Concert For Ukraine. Organisers of that event, however, refused the request, as the band are currently fighting in the Ukrainian army, and the fundraising show would “only be able to focus on the humanitarian situation, not the politics or the military conflict”.

Sheeran nonetheless reacted positively to the band getting in touch with him and promised to listen to their music. Last week, it emerged that they had now worked together on a track, with Antytila sharing a screengrab of a text conversation with Sheeran on their Instagram profile.

Earlier this month, Sheeran released a remix of ‘2Step’ featuring Lil Baby, the video for which he filmed in Ukraine prior to Russia’s invasion of the country. Revenues from that version of the track are going to the Disasters Emergency Committee’s Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. The new remix with Antytila has, of course, been created as fighting continues.

In the conversation shared by Antytila, Sheeran says: “It’s incredible you write lyrics like that considering all that’s going on. I really appreciate it. Amazing”.

Antytila vocalist Taras Topolia adds in a statement: “Ed’s suggestion to work together is a manifestation of the genuine support for Ukraine, shown by the people of Great Britain during this war. Millions of people, not only in words but in concrete deeds, show how it really is to stand up for their principles, democracy and freedom, and to give a hand to those who really need it. It seems like just a joint song, but how symbolic it is in fact”.

The video for the latest version of ‘2Step’ was directed by Dmytro Shmurak in Ukraine and features Topolia performing his new vocals on the track.

Watch the video here: