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Ultra Records settles legal squabble with YouTube star

By | Published on Friday 14 August 2015

Michelle Phan

Dance label Ultra Records has settled its ongoing legal tussle with YouTube star Michelle Phan.

As previously reported, Ultra sued the YouTube channel owner and make-up demonstrator last year for allegedly using a number of tracks it released and/or published in her videos without permission. Though one of the tracks named in the lawsuit was by Kaskade, who then criticised the label over the litigation.

Meanwhile Phan launched her own retaliatory lawsuit, claiming that she had received permission to use music released by Ultra in 2009 in exchange for promoting iTunes links for the tracks on her videos. Staff at the label had been pleased with all the promoting she had done, she added, before claiming that Ultra’s litigation and the takedown requests it had issued against her YouTube channel had caused her damage.

So, that was all fun. But alas the fun is over with both sides settling this week. Terms of the settlement, of course, are not known. Maybe Phan’s promised to send over a box of make-up samples every month.