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Universal-backed digital distribution and A&R platform Spinnup launches in the UK

By | Published on Tuesday 8 July 2014


An unsigned band platform launched in Sweden last year by Universal and X5 Music Group is to launch in the UK via a partnership with the mega-major’s Island label.

Spinnup works as a digital distribution platform for unsigned artists, but also employs scouts to wade through it all to find the best artists to support and potentially sign. Yeah, I know, it sounds like another one of those things that doesn’t really work, but let’s not write it off just yet.

Over in that Sweden, young pop-rapper guy Albin has clocked up eight million streams, been certified platinum and topped the Spotify and iTunes charts with ‘Din Soldat’, a song that he first released via Spinnup. Not that topping the iTunes chart in Sweden means much, but all the other stuff sounds good.

Island’s Director Of Digital, Glenn Cooper, says this: “Digital distribution is a key stepping stone in the career of any unsigned artist and Spinnup provides the perfect ecosystem to help them get their music to market. Island Records has consistently broken ground in both the digital and A&R space; Spinnup sits alongside our existing crowdfunding platform Fan Republic and both deliver unique, innovative opportunities to discover and nurture new acts”.

I’d forgotten all about Fan Republic. That’s the crowdfunding platform Universal set up with Indiegogo earlier this year, which also claims to have the added bonus of being watched by Universal A&Rs.

Anyway, if you fancy giving Spinnup a whirl, it’s currently giving membership away for free for a year if you use the code ‘DinSoldat’. Go to to set yourself up, or just have a nose around.