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Universal launches Capitol label brand in Italy

By | Published on Wednesday 13 April 2022

Universal Music

Universal Music has had another good shuffle of its big pack of label brand cards and as a result there’ll be one more Capitol label within the group. But one less Polydor. Yeah, fuck Polydor I say! Unless you work for Polydor, in which case you’re all lovely, and we’re totally on board in battling this big old Capitol growth conspiracy that’s clearly underway. Fuck Capitolism I say!

Anyway, Universal is rebranding its Polydor Records Italy label as Capitol Records Italy. The restructure will “build a bridge” between Milan – the base of Universal Music Italy – and LA – where the main Capitol Music Group is based. Neither are capitals of course. But both are now capitols.

Announcing the rebrand, Universal Music Italy CEO Alessandro Massara says: “Polydor [Italy] is one of the fastest growing labels at the moment, with an established team and new leadership who have brought additional creativity and energy to the label. These factors, combined with the unquestionable numbers in recent months, convinced both Los Angeles and me that this was the right structure for Capitol Records Italy”.

Meanwhile, Daniele Menci, who joined Universal late last year and will be director of the new Capital Records Italy label, adds: “In these few months as Polydor’s label director, I have found great artists, an amazing team and a company capable of making any goal possible. Building a bridge between Milan and Hollywood and bringing the most iconic music label to Italy is the most exciting challenge of my career in the music industry. Representing Capitol Records positions us strongly for the future”.

And finally, if you’re wondering what the team over at the Capitol Music Group in the US think about all this, its CEO Michelle Jubelirer says: “We are THRILLED that our partner in Italy is rebranding as Capitol Records Italy. With such talented executives as Alessandro Massara and Daniele Menci heading the company, I’m confident that Italy will grow to be an even more important component in Capitol Music Group’s global strategy”.