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Universal Music announces partnership with watchmaker Raymond Weil

By | Published on Monday 21 March 2016

Universal Music

Sometimes press releases are worth quoting verbatim. “Just a few days before the opening of the most important watchmaking event of the year, Raymond Weil is proud to announce its partnership with music industry leader Universal Music Group”, says watchmaker Raymond Weil of its new partnership with the Universal Music Group. “With this new collaboration, the Swiss watchmaker again pays tribute to its dear source of inspiration and further emphasises its wish to support and promote music of all kinds”.

Hmm, good times. And how will the watch people pay tribute to its “dear source of inspiration”? With its own digital music service developed with, no doubt, to-the-second precision, by the time-keepers in chief over at Universal HQ. Oh, and a “multi-channel campaign” including lovely adverts and marvellous cross-promotional activities.

How fucking thrilling. “We are THRILLED to partner with Universal Music, the world’s leading music company, and to associate our brand’s name to such an iconic actor of the industry”, says Raymond Weil CEO Elie Bernheim. “[We have] always been strongly committed to promoting music of all kinds. With this exclusive entertainment service, we offer our clients access to the best music artists and an undisputable added-value”.

And, if you’re still not convinced, just think about. Watchmaking and music-making are basically the same thing. “Fine watch making is about precision, harmony, elegance, good taste, trendsetting, heritage and innovation, just like great music”, adds Universal Music’s Adrien Garrault. Ah, of course! “Universal Music is delighted to work with Raymond Weil, a company that shares the same passion for music and artists”.

Brilliant. Though I’d bank that cheque quick if I was you, Adrien. Just in case the watchmakers find another “dear source of inspiration” and call time on this partnership deal.