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Universal’s Capitol US set to sign 1D’s Niall Horan

By | Published on Tuesday 6 September 2016

Niall Horan

Popular One Direction golfer Niall Horan is set to follow former group-mate Liam Payne to Universal Music it seems, wooed by the mega-major’s undeniable style, charm and all round panache. Well, the undeniable style, charm and all-round panache of Universal Music’s cheque book anyway.

Those keeping count will remember that early 1D drop out Zayn Malik, while not so loyal to the boyband itself, remained loyal to 1D machine operator Sony Music, signing to its RCA label. Meanwhile popstar-in-waiting-but-he’s-currently-doing-some-acting Harry Styles is expected to work with Sony’s Columbia Records.

But Payne shunned the home-of-One-Direction to sign to Universal’s Capitol UK label back in July, and now Horan seems set to sign to the US wing of Capitol Records. And this despite – or possibly because – of 1D creator and Sony/Syco chief Simon Cowell’s grand plan to turn Horan into “a Justin Bieber style artist” (says a source to The Sun).

Still, there’s one more 1D boy still up for grabs. Perhaps Cowell could use his ‘The Next Bieber’ plan on him. Just as soon as anyone can remember who the fifth member of One Direction actually was.